This week, Christy talks about how having up to date and accurate books can help with business planning, not to mention the great input from the bookkeeper too!

Welcome to the 21st century! Spoiler alert: Digital bookkeeping is here to stay! But what about taking photos of receipts and what are your obligations to keep financial records safe?  In this episode, Christy explains what you need to do to go more and more digital!

In this episode, Ian and Christy talk about common mistakes many people make when trying to do their own books. The best way to avoid making mistakes - get a bookkeeper! Like Christy. 

We all look for them! In this episode, Christy talks about what business expenses, also commonly known as write offs. Christy and Ian will work through some examples to give you a better idea of what is appropriate.

Last week, it was all about accounts receivable. This week, it is all about accounts payable, the other side of the equation!  Take a listen and learn!

This week, Christy shares all the details about what you need to know, about accounts receivable and how a bookkeeper can help you.

Starting a new business may seem overwhelming for many, but it doesn't have to be. Christy talks about some of the steps required to get a business up and running in Saskatoon.

In this episode, Christy talks about capital assets and how they differ from regular expenses. 

Christy offers provincial sales tax consulting! In this podcast, Christy talks about the importance of making sure you're paying the right amount of provincial sales tax.

In this episode, Christy talks about the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper and why using both could save you money.

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